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May 5, 2020

Is there really no better time to be a chiropractor? Actually, this is a pretty shitty time to be a chiropractor. We have clinics barely holding it together, some have been forced to close in Europe, UK, and Canada. But we still press on. The one thing we never talk about with the crap we go through is, the heartache, and the loss of patients in our practice. Where did we go wrong or fail them? This what we like to tell ourselves and make stories up as we go! But what if, in reality we based our offices off of trust and necessity for families to Live healthy, Be healthy, and Stay healthy. We have the opportunity right now to make this change and be the difference in every families’ life right now! If it's an amazing time to be a chiropractor then let's take this moment and be the most trusted healthcare provider our communities have ever seen!!