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Nov 28, 2023

We all have a song that sings inside our soul, and we never take time in life to actually let it out. We need to give our heart a reason to beat!! Other people base our own opportunities and outcomes based on their projections of us and then they tell us or show us. So if all you know about yourself is what other people have told you, then you only know what their think about you then you will only achieve what they feel you can. We have the wonderful opportunity to have Jeff Griffin on this week, some say he is just like Tony Robbins without the costs and others have compared him to next John Maxwell without the height. He is an incredible human being! You absolutely must hear his story of how a young boy from Utah went from being to short and too slow to playing Division 1 College football as a wide receiver, having it all come crashing down in a tragic accident that would change his life forever, and becoming a Paralympian for the United States and representing your country in Athens Greece.