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The Prime Podcast

Sep 28, 2021

We must understand and review the words of our forefathers in chiropractic. Dr. Kristina goes into the beginnings of Our Masterpiece. Let's just take some time to listen and absorb these great words written by the one and only BJ Palmer.  We all have this in us!

Sep 20, 2021

It’s time to stop the negative rhetoric in chiropractic and start showing off our light! It is so easy to be negative and look down on any situation! In-fact people love it and feed off of it. Why do we feel the need to feed the negativity machine? Let’s start shedding the light of what we do. It has been far too...

Sep 14, 2021

Having the right team around you gives you the authority to be the leader inside and outside of your office. From the front desk to the doctors, it all comes back to the team and leadership. We all need to hire to where we want to go and grow, and not hiring based on need. This comes back to accepting new patients...

Sep 7, 2021

Every year the children in our office go back to school. But with this come massive amounts of anxiety and stress on both the parent and the child. What systems and suggestion do you have in place to help the parents of your office reduce this stress on their children Even more importantly what can you learn...