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Aug 13, 2019

Dr. Skip Wyss breaks down this very insidious malfunction that is almost solely and completely a learned neurological habit manifesting scoliosis. This process has been long lost in medical world with the only treatments being bracing and surgery. But what if it had nothing to do with the condition and diagnosis of scoliosis at all. What if it had everything do to with a subluxation of the spine and the body compensating and maladapting for the lack of communication between the brain and body! This is the exact reason why we do what we do and the undying strong burning desire to take care of every child, mother, and father on this planet! We will make this world a healthier place and a scoliosis is a manifestation of long standing neuromuscular and neurophysiological miscommunication and maladaptation! We are the ones that can change all of this! Are you willing to be the one!