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Jan 16, 2024

 Whether you are a parent, spouse, business owner, or employee it’s how you show up every day that makes yourself accountable and available for your life! We as humans on this earth have a choice every day, wake up happy and ready to go or live a world of not enough!  We take incredible loses in our lives, from deaths, to financial, and even friendships, but it’s how we navigate these opportunities of learning that help us navigate the journey to our future selves. There will also be tremendous wins in our lives, with incredible highs and feelings of euphoria, but its how you handle these incredible emotions on both sides of the coin of life that makes you who you are and what you are going to become. We are put on this earth to win, be happy, and successful, but that is not going to come without lose, heartbreak, and pain. In fact when you feel the pain, sting, and heartache it just shows how much you loved and cared, but in that moment its hard to see and feel the hope. You will be faced with choices in your life that will make you choose to disappoint yourself or the people you care about the most. Who are you going to choose? Are you prepared to disappoint them every time in order to not disappoint yourself? This episode will change all of that for you! We hope you enjoy and pleas share this with as many people as you can to help better the people you care the most about!