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Nov 21, 2023

Failure is a necessity for success!! What? It’s not an option!!  I have never met a single successful person that has not went through some sort of failure in their life. Whether it was in business, marriage, parenting, or investing there was always failure before success. The fear of failure and taking a risk or chance can be downright debilitating and paralyzing for people. So much so that we most just choose to not take an action and just sit on the sidelines watching the action go right bye them! That is not okay!! You need to take risks and know that just because you are managing a rough water, there is always going to be calm and peace on the other side. This is just how nature and God intends it! We dive head first into this one and you are absolutely going love it! Just remember is perfectly okay to take risks and chances, just make sure the absolutely worst-case scenario does not involve your death!