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Oct 31, 2023

Why is it so easy to be mean and win? Why do mean people, negative comments, and angry emoji's get the most love? It's noteworthy to know that the Facebook algorithm supports negativity and loss. It feeds off of your emotions and turmoil and made and more negative you get the more it wins!! Period!! No one else wins, just the machine or system. So, what would be wrong with turning the system around and putting the choice back on the person. Some of the greatest advice I was ever given during a possible lawsuit was, Skip do you know who wins during a lawsuit, the defendant or the plaintiffs.... neither! The lawyers do. The madder and more negative you get the more money they make! Isn't that crazy, but it is true!!


So, lets flip the script and teach our communities, family, and friends to be positive and love one another. You need to treat your neighbors like you would like to be talked to and treated! What a concept! We cover it all in this one! You are absolutely going to love this!!