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The Prime Podcast

Oct 24, 2023

What is your first memory of money? Take a moment and think about it…what is it? Once you have that memory locked in what is the feelings that are associated with it? Are they positive or negative? Does it bring you joy? Sadness? Shame? Anger? Happiness? A great deal of us have negative feelings associated with money.  They most often involve struggle, lack, no enough to go around, and a feeling of never enough. This is not okay!! We need to flip the script and understand that money is not the root of all evil!! That most rich people do no suck and are not big giant eggplants!! Have money and wealth can help us doing a lot things in life and help change a lot of peoples lives, including our own. Have an overflow and abundant mindset that there is always enough, and there is more than enough to go around! Our original practice and business coach once told me that if you are having a money problem and do not think that there is enough, go and stan on the busiest street corner in your town and watch how many new and expensive cars drive bye! There is always more than enough!! Think of it this way you get too little sleep, too much sleep, or just the right amount of sleep? The amount of sleep you get is equivalent to your mind set around it, and your body is going to function the next day regardless, so why not change the thought that you got the perfect amount of sleep! The same goes for your money and your ability to help people with that money!! LETS GO!!