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The Prime Podcast

Oct 17, 2023

We have all been there. Some of you out there have made the posts, the reels, the stories, and even own the t-shirt!! MY WHY!! And it’s usually a post with loved ones or our children, or our community and so on. But let me ask you this question, why are you still struggling at time to be motivated? Why are you not feeling fulfilled? Why are just average, instead of great at times? Let me tell you WHY…huh…there it is again!! Because your WHAT is not clear!! You do not know “what” you want, or you do not want it bad enough! It has very little to do with your why! Because everyone's why is BIG, HUGE even, but it does not get you off of your a$$ and make you go and get “what” you desire most! Set your vision in this direction and we will lay out a road map that can make you extremely successful!