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Sep 12, 2023

You or your child has just finished up working out or playing hard outside, then all of a sudden, your chest tightens and you have cannot breath. You first breath deeper and nothing can come in. Then you try short breaths and your lungs continue to restrict, and then its confirmed and fear and panic set in, you are having an asthma attack and the only thing you can do is reach for your inhaler and take a few puffs. That may give you some relief, but in the end, you know that the attack could still come back again.

Let’s be honest here, do you really know what caused the asthma or the breathing attack? Do you really know how to fix it? Do you really feel that taking an inhalant the rest of your life is truly the answer that you are looking for? Your answer is probably no to these questions. So, Dr. Julie and Dr. Skip do not like the answers to these questions as well, let’s pull back the curtain on asthma and reveal the truth about what is truly going on!