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Jul 11, 2023

Men cannot biologically give birth to babies, but for some reason we see ourselves as the authority on birth and in women’s health. This has been going in the United States for over 100 years. There are still 3x the amount of OBGYN’s to practicing midwives and our national c-section rate still sit close to 50 percent and infant mortality rate ranks us 50th in the world out of 128 developed countries, WHY?  We have the most “advanced” medical system in the world, yet our babies and delivering mothers are still passing away. WHY? We take a closer look at this story and dive into a book written by Robert S. Mendelson MD in 1982 called MalePractice and see why things have not changed in the health care of women in the last 40+years. WHY? When there are more women now serving as OB GYN's in the United States than ever before.