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Feb 4, 2020

We as chiropractors provide one of the most amazing forms healing on the planet and that is chiropractic! Its starts with a mindset of gratitude and abundance!! Dr. Skip and Dr. Kristina take your through what they do on a daily basis to get their mind right and what it means to have a gratitude attitude every day! It may come as a surprise that is it is not always unicorns and rainbows! It’s time to be the spark to the healthcare drought of life, where dying, and hypotonia has become the norm. It’s time to for us as chiropractors to burn that old paradigm to ground and allow the salutogenic model of healthcare to grow into the beautiful world that we know is what everyone on this planet deserves!


Thank you to everyone that has listened in the past year!! We would love to say thank you: Please text PRIME to 33777so we can send you a little thank you!! We are overwhelmed and so blessed to have you all in our lives and listening every week!