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Feb 17, 2019

Dr. Skip Wyss is a pediatric, pregnancy, and family practice chiropractor. He is co-owner of Wyss Family Clinic of Chiropractor in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Dr. Skip sees over 70% children in his office and over half of those children are newborns and children under 1 year of life! He has one of the most sought-after offices in Wisconsin for his work with neurosensory and spectrum disorder children. Dr. Skip is the co-creator of the Prime Pediatric Program and teacher for the Practice Evolution Program!  Dr. Skip and his wife Dr. Julie both have their certifications in pediatric chiropractic through the ICPA. Together they have started The Spine Project, a 501c3 charity that helps both active duty service men and women and veterans receive chiropractic care at no cost to them. Our service men and women lay their lives on the line every day to help preserve our freedoms and it is time that chiropractic does the same for them; by getting their bodies back to functioning at their optimum!  It is the only one of its kind! Dr. Skip believes that all children are born with the right to be interference free and he is changing the world one pediatric and unsubluxated birth at a time.