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Dec 31, 2019

In this episode Dr. Skip has the privilege and honor of interviewing the one and only Dr. Ed Osburn. They discuss how each one of these topics play a vital role in practice.  Dr. Ed rocketed to the very TOP of the Chiropractic profession as one its’ most notable and distinguished contributors. Dr. Ed practiced for over 15 years in a very successful family wellness-based office.  After falling extremely ill due to the stress and fatigue of practice Dr. Ed needed to find a way to help his community and chiropractic in a different way. Dr. Ed deconstructed the mold to online business and out of pure necessity and desire to established a the top online business academy The Laptop Lifestyle. Dr. Ed and Dr. Skip sit down and go over what makes new and existing doctors successful and where their communities actually reap the rewards of their success. Dr. Ed shares his valuable tips as to where he see each chiropractor starting out and some of short falls that ends up hamstringing a lot of existing chiropractors. This episode is surely one not to miss!!